ALTA’s Director of Industry Affairs Karolina Torres will present a keynote presentation during the Counter Terrorismo Symposium taking place September 12 – 13, 2017 in Miami.

A terrorist attack not only on, but near your airport could result in human casualties, property damage, business interruption, legal liability issues and long term damage to brand and reputation. Terrorist attacks are now regarded as a foreseeable risk. In today’s litigious society, the aviation community need to ensure corporate governance and duty of care responsibilities are integral to crisis management strategy.

We are delighted and privileged to have Karolina “Karo” Torres, Director of Industry Affairs for ALTA as our guest speaker at the Counter Terrorism Symposium. Karo is a respected leader in the international aviation sector with a conscious focus to ensure the aviation community is able to manage challenges effectively.

ALTA is an integral part of the airlines and vigorously thrives in leveraging the strength of its members.

The symposium is focused on multiple sessions of rich content and expertise in themes within counter terrorism, building partnerships, enhancing cyber security, ensuring regional educational awareness and exchange of best practices on risk-based security, countering violent extremism, embracing crisis management and communication, as well as an optional training track are just a few of the many topics to be discussed and presented during this event.